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Get in Shape with Friendly, Professional Guidance

Let our personal trainers help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our staff offers quality training at an affordable price.  Our certified personal trainers are available to help you discover the safest, quickest and most productive path toward reaching your goals. Choose to train on an individual basis or with a partner. All personal training sessions are custom-designed workouts tailored specifically to your needs. Personal training gives you accountability, motivation, support, experience and expert guidance.

Schedule an appointment during your next visit to the ARC Center or call our customer service team at 630.231.9474.

Bernabe Ceja

"We are all here to achieve a goal. We don't all have the same reasons but we all have the same goal, to feel and look better than ever before. Let me guide and challenge you to physically and mentally better yourself. Prioritize your health and maximize your confidence today!

Education & Certifications

NPTI-National Personal Training Institute

rebecca web.png

Rebecca Holmes​

"As a young adult I fell in love with fitness, and now I enjoy learning and seeing all that our bodies are capable of. I'm eager to help others find the strength and confidence that I have found through becoming fit. As a mother of two, I understand balancing a career and family is tough, but I believe that making time for your health and wellbeing will only allow you to enjoy these things more fully. Whether you just want to be able to complete everyday tasks without feeling exhausted, be able to lift the heaviest weights in the gym, or anywhere in between, I can help!"

Education & Certifications

ISSA Fitness Trainer Certification

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