Karate Practice



Judo does not strike techniques of any kind. It’s a purely defensive sport, based on other person’s aggressive moves. Judo is two individuals who, by gripping uniforms, use the forces of balances, power, timing and physics to subdue their opponents and it involves techniques of throwing, grapping & submission holds. It all starts from a standing position and then moves to the ground for submission techniques or to pin your opponent. Promotions are based on competition from green, brown and black belt ranks. Uniforms are mandatory as are four competitions per year. Great cross training for wrestling. (JU)

Intermediate/Advanced Karate

This class is conducted in a structured and traditional format that emphasizes self-discipline, accountability, goal setting and respect.  Participants will learn 12 different kicks, 23 different block, breakaways, and 12 different types of strike techniques with an emphasis on flow, power, technique, and transition.  Participants will begin learning falls, basic throws, wrist controls, joint locks, and advanced forms (Kata). Group dynamics will be practiced while working with other students on their techniques. The class is structured in a format that allows students to feel comfortable and accept new challenges while building self-confidence. Students have the opportunity to earn colored belt ranks at the end of the session. Parents may sign up to take the class with their child, $15, one parent, one day.

Tai Chi

Tai-Chi Chuan has been around for over 500 years but it is exploding in the American market! Tai-Chi provides a beneficial impact on health through moving meditation. The exercises are easy to do, have low aerobic impact and are done slowly with natural body alignment, movement and breathing. Tai-Chi Chuan is the practice of kinetics, musculature, skeletal and ligament alignment, moving posture and breathing. Join us if you need a low impact aerobics routine. Please wear loose fitting clothing.


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