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Fastpitch Softball


The West Chicago Park District offers a variety of athletic programs for youth and adults to enjoy indoor and outdoor sports. Learn soccer, basketball, baseball, pickleball, golf and more, and develop skills such as coordination, team work and resilliance.

Questions? Reach out to Recreation Manager, Ben Nelson, to learn more at

Youth Athletics
"Let the Work Show" Basketball Skills Training

In this 5-week program, players will improve fundamental Basketball skills. Each week will focus on one of the five key skills (dribbling, finishing, passing, shooting, and defense), with participants leaving with increased self-esteem and a better understanding of the game. Classes are taught by TS Basketball Skills Training instructors. 

Youth Basketball League

In this co-ed league, participants will learn the basics of Basketball. Practices and games are each held once per week at the ARC Center and/or ZONE250. Actual game and practice times are scheduled once teams are formed. Fees include team shirt. Requests for teams, players, coaches and practice days are accepted but not guaranteed.

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Adult Athletics
Instructional Pickleball Classes

Beginner Pickleball: In this introduction to Pickleball class, participants will learn basic skills including safety, grip, serve and return of serve, forehand and backhand shots, court positioning, two-bounce rule, and scoring. This class is designed for new and beginner players. Instructor, Ken Harris, is a past National and Senior World Champion.


Intermediate Pickleball: In this intermediate Pickleball class, participants will expand the basic game by teaching more advanced shots and developing in-game strategies. Work will be made on shot readiness, awareness, anticipation, and moving. This class is designed for intermediate-level players who have a good grasp of the game before registering. Instructor, Ken Harris, is a past National and Senior World Champion.

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