Young Gymnast


Our gymanstics classes are held through a joint program with the Carol Stream Park District.

All classes are held at Simkus Recreation Center located at 849 W. Lies Road in Carol Stream. 

Gymanstics Level 1

In this introduction to gymnastics class, those who are new to the sport or working on beginner skills will be introduced to the basics of tumbling and gymnastics equipment.

Gymanstics Level 1

Gymanstics Level 2

Gymnasts will work on their tumbling skills such as: round-offs, bridge kickovers, and front limbers. Intermediate skills are developed on the beam, vault, and bars. Students must advance or be assessed prior to registering for this level

Gymanstics Level 3 & 4

In this level, gymnasts work on skills such as front walkovers, back walkovers, and round-off flip flops. Gymnastics equipment is rotated weekly. Students must advance or be assessed prior to registering for this level.

Dragonfly Gymnastics

Learn basic tumbling, balance, and locomotion skills to promote body awareness and coordination. With-parent classes encourage parent/child interaction and socialization.

Kinderbugs Gymnastics

Kinderbug Gymnastics introduces Kindergartners into our Gymnastics program. This class is designed to help little ones prepare for upper level gymnastics


Non-competitive cheerleading and tumbling are offered in one class. Learn basic tumbling based on skill ability. Practice fundamentals including cheers, jumps, stunts and dance routines