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Dance classes are taught through Innovation Arts Connection. The progressive curriculum focuses on dance concepts and core techniques. We stress the importance of respect, a positive attitude, and hard work. In our classes, students will develop grace, rhythm, coordination, creativity, and confidence in a fun, safe, and structured environment.

During a global pandemic, the IAC in person and virtual studio offers stability, a sense of community, socialization, and structure.  We look forward to seeing you in class! Innovation Arts Connection, LLC collaborates with local Chicagoland park districts.  For more information about the IAC program including class expectations, dress code, pandemic procedures, and more please visit

Super Saturday Dance Party

Dance Parties are a condensed one day session of dance technique, movement games, crafts, a mini-performance and much more! Participants of all levels are encouraged to get involved through these camp-style classes that are designed to help participants fill their evening with fun, educational, and movement oriented programming. Wear comfortable form-fitted clothing, dance shoes or bare feet. Feel free to dress to match the theme too! Please bring a water bottle.

Discover Dance With Me

Explore the joy of movement with your child and discover the many benefits of early childhood dance classes. We will dance, sing, and play in both one-on-one activities and group activities. Through circle activities, open exploration, and gross motor development exercises, children will blossom with class as they grow with their caregiver during this precious time together. Please wear comfortable clothing and bare feet. 

Discover Dance Tots

Watch your child’s independence and confidence soar, as our dancers explore and discover the benefits of a more structured dance class. Following directions, waiting for our turn, and collectively problem-solving will encourage emotional and social development. Live singing, musical play, and sensory props will have these little ones moving and grooving with their friends and eager to return to class each week! Please wear comfortable clothing and bare feet.

Hip Hop / Jazz Combo

Jazz music and dance evolved over the years into the popular style of Hip Hop! Dancers will learn basic jazz and hip hop technique along with popping, locking, and many other cool tricks and moves to energetic pop music. Please wear leotard, tights, (form-fitting clothing), jazz shoes. (BN)

Ballet / Tap 

Ballet/Tap Combo is the most popular combo for dancers. Classes include stretches, barre work, class etiquette, basic technique of each style, games and learning choreography in both ballet and tap. Please wear leotard, tights, (form-fitting clothing), ballet & tap shoes.

Adult Tap

Learn rhythm, grace and get a great workout!  Classes include stretches, center drills, across the floor, and fun choreography. No previous dance or theatre experience needed.  All levels welcome.  Please wear comfortable clothing and tap shoes. 

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