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2023 Accomplishments

1. Provided funds to continue the WCPD scholarship program.


2. Donated $200 in gift cards for the senior lunch events.

3. Donated $4,000 to provide free swim lessons for summer camp registrants along with lessons for 100 community members.

4. Donated $2,500 to Healthy West Chicago for the installation of two bike repair stations.

5. Held a coat drive to benefit WeGo Together for Kids, collecting 196 coats along with a $500 donation from the Foundation.

6. Held a Food Drive to benefit Neighborhood Food Pantry, collecting a sizeable amount of food along with a $830 donation from the Foundation and community members.

7. Facilitated a $20,000 endowment from Earthwerks that was used for repairs to accessible pathways at Cornerstone Lakes Park.

8. Volunteered at various events such as Boo Bash and Frosty Fest.

9. Hosted events such as The Great Turtle Race and the fall disc golf tournament, Frolf with the Foundation.

Mission Statement

"The mission of the West Chicago Parks Foundation is to support the long-term plan of the West Chicago Park District by seeking additional resources to promote and accomplish its goals and objectives."

Board of Directors

Acie Boyd, President
Omar Espinosa, Treasurer
Rebecca Holmes, Secretary
SueEllen Edwards, Board Member
Michael Gasparini, Board Member

Jessie Felix, Board Member
Fil Guipoco, Board Member

Sara Witteck, Board Member

Ben Nelson, Board Member

Shawn Preuss, Board Member

Questions regarding donations, marketing and sponsorship information may be directed to:

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