Frequently Asked Questions - Turtle Splash Birthday Parties


If you have questions regarding our Birthday Party Packages, please take a moment to review the most frequently asked questions below.


For further inquiries, fill out the contact request form below.  

Reserving My Party


How can I check availability?

To check on availability, please call the ARC Center at 630.231.9474 or Turtle Splash at 630.293.6320.

Please note: birthday parties fill up quick! All information given regarding availability is current. Availability is subject to change. 


What is required to reserve my party?

Parties must be reserved at least one week in advance and paid in full at the time of booking.  All payments must be processed in person at the ARC Center, located at 201 W. National St. in West Chicago or at Turtle Splash, located at 129 W. National St in West Chicago.  

Fill out our party request form and turn this form in when reserving your party.   


Can I change the date/ cancel my party once it is reserved?

Any changes or cancelations must be made at least one week prior to your scheduled party in order to receive a refund in full. No date changes or cancellations may be made after this deadline. Any date changes or cancelations within this window must be approved of by Gina .


Weather Related Concerns

What if there is forecasted bad weather the day of my party?

All parties have the option of rescheduling the date of their party as long as you give at least one week’s notice.


What if Turtle Splash is closed the day of my party?

If Turtle Splash is closed the day of your party, you will have the option of rescheduling your party or get refunded in full. If there is questionable weather, and there is a chance of Turtle Splash closing, a staff member will contact you the morning of your party.

Please note, if Turtle Splash is open, your party will still take place. You do not have the option to cancel your party the day of (one weeks’ notice must be given for any cancelation).


What if it storms during my party?

If Turtle Splash closes during your party, your party attendant will assist your party in exiting the facility. We will attempt to move your party to the ARC center for an open gym party based on room availability.  If Turtle Splash remains closed for the rest of your party, you will have the option to reschedule your party for another date. Any rescheduled party will be booked as a Turtlerific (standard) party. You will be able to add on food for an additional fee.  


Number of Admissions

Does the number of admissions include children and adults?

The number of admissions includes anyone over the age of 2 who will be entering Turtle Splash.


How do you keep track of my party’s headcount?

Wristbands are set aside for your party based on how many admissions you included in your reservation. Any guest stating they are here for your party will receive a wristband.


Do I still need to pay for guests even if they are not swimming?

Yes. Anyone who is entering the facility and staying for your party is considered a guest. 


Can parents enter the facility if they are just dropping off their children?

Yes. Please have parents ask the Admissions Office for a ‘5 minute Party Drop-Off’ lanyard. 


Are there a required number of chaperones needed for the party?

Turtle Splash does not have a set number of chaperones per party. However, an adult chaperone must be within arm’s reach of any non-swimmer while in the water. Please keep in mind that our lifeguards are on duty to enforce rules and to respond in case of emergency. It is the adult’s responsible to supervise children at all times.


Do I have to pay for adults if they are attending my child’s party?

If a guest states they are here for your child’s party, they will be given a wristband and will be included in your headcount. If you wish to NOT have parents included in your headcount, please make this known to parents ahead of time so they can pay their admission as opposed to being included in your headcount.


What if some of my guests are Splash Pass Holders? Do I include them in the headcount?

If some of your guests are Splash Pass Holders, simply have them swipe in for the day using their Splash Pass. By doing this, they will not be considered in your guest count, but can still attend your party. Any guest saying they are with the birthday party at the time of admission will be given a wrist band & will be considered in your headcount.


What if more participants (beyond my final headcount) end up attending my party?

Any additional guest added on by your deadline is $5/person. After your deadline has passed OR the day of your party, all guests must pay the daily admission fee upon entry.

What if I paid for additional guests & they don’t show up? Will I receive a refund?

Yes. The admission attendant will keep track of how many wristbands are left from your party and refund you accordingly.



Can I bring my own food to my party?

No. All birthday parties must follow Turtle Splash’s general rules. Turtle Splash does not allow any outside food in the facility.


If I want to provide my own food, what are my options? (Example: I want to bring a cake)

You are welcome to look into renting a pavilion in Reed-Keppler Park. You are allowed to provide your own food when renting a pavillion. When entering Turtle Splash, outside food must be kept at the pavilion. Check out our pavillion rental page.   Please see our Group Rate information for a discounted rate for Turtle Splash. Please note: the designated Party Areas inside Turtle Splash are not reserved for Group Rentals.


What are my options if I need to bring my own food (example: allergies)?

You are welcome to consume any food outside of the facility. There are a few tables right outside of Turtle Splash’s gates however, those cannot be reserved.
An alternate option is to rent a pavilions in Reed-Keppler Park in addition to booking a group rental as opposed to a birthday party. Check out our pavillion rental page.


How big each pizza from Pizza Now? How many guests does it serve?

Each pizza is 14 inches. One pizza will feed approximately 2-3 adults or 3-5 children.


What tableware is provide & what color is the tableware?

Plates, napkins, and cups are provided only with the Splashtastic (premium) package. All tableware is white. You are welcome to bring any additional tableware.


Are the drinks cold?

Yes, all drinks are served cold.


Can I order more drinks/pizza/cupcakes the day of my party?

All food orders must be placed by your party’s deadline. We are unable to add on any pizza or cupcakes the day of your party. Additional two liters can be purchased the day of your party for $3 each. This additional balance will be due prior to the end of your party.


Can I order food from RV Concession's Catering Concession Stand for my party?

Yes. Any food ordering with the concession stand will have to be done though RV Concession’s directly any must be food listed on their posted menu at Turtle Splash. If ordering food from RV Concessions, your party attendant must bring food to and from the party area.


Can I bring goodie bags for my guests?

Goodie bags are allowed in the facility as long as they don’t contain food/ candy. Goodie bags that contain food/candy can be left in the admissions office for guests to grab as they leave for the day.


Deadline to make changes / cancellations

When is my final food order, headcount and payment due?

Food orders and headcount are due at least 1 week prior to your party date.

My party is booked. When should I expect to be contacted?

Once your party is reserved, the birthday party coordinator will contact you via email about 2 weeks prior to your party to remind you of your deadline. You are welcome to call Turtle Splash at 630.293.6320 to confirm your party details.


I added on additional food/ guests to my package .When is this balance due?

All balances are due at least 1 week prior to your party date. Balances can be paid off by stopping by the ARC Center or Turtle Splash. Balances can also be paid off online though your account with the Park District.


Day Of My Party


How early can I come to set up for my party?

You are welcome to come anytime within Turtle Splash’s operational hours to enjoy the facility. There is a 15 minute gap in between parties for clean-up/set-up.  Parents are allowed to set-up 15 minutes prior to the start of their party. Please be aware that if coming early, the birthday party area will not be ready to go until your allotted timeslot. 


How early can my guests and I arrive for our party? 

The designated birthday party area is reserved for your party during your allotted timeslots. Guests are welcome to enjoy Turtle Splash for the entire day, even if they come early or stay after your party timeslot!


If there is no party reserved after mine, can we stay in the party area?

This must be confirmed the day of your party with your party attendant. If allowed to stay in the area, all food and drinks must out of the area by the end of your party timeslot in order to adequately clean the area.


Decorations & Party Area


Can I bring my own decorations?

Yes, you are welcome to bring balloons and tablecloths into the facility.

How many people does the party area accommodate?

The party area includes 3 tables, which seat approximately 24 people.

Is the Birthday Party Area shaded?

Yes. The reserved party area is under a canopy.

Party Attendant


What is the role of the party attendant during my party?

Your party attendant is responsible for the set-up of the party area, food/beverage set up, and overall clean-up for your party.  



Do I still have the canopy reserved when we have our private time in Toucan’s Hideaway or the Splash Pad?

Yes. The canopy is reserved for the full lenght of your party.


Is the entire Toucan’s Hideaway or Splash Pad reserved for my party?

All birthday parties enjoy private access to your choice of either Toucan’s Hideaway OR the Splash Pad during your assigned time. 


When is my assigned time in Toucan’s Hideway or the Splash Pad ?

Times are assigned by our Customer Service team upon registration. All assigned times will be within your birthday timeslot.


Can I switch the assigned play time slot for my party?

The designated time slots are guidelines the park district follows in order to streamline our reservation process for birthday parties.  Any request that conflicts with the designated times must be approved of by the Birthday Party Coordinator.


Can I reserve additional Toucan’s Hideway or Splash Pad time?

Additional time is subject to availability. Once your party is booked, please email with any additional private assess request.



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