EMV Compliance

As a valued participant and community member, the West Chicago Park District wants to assure you that your personalinformation and data safety is of utmost importance to us.


Effective August 1, 2015

WCPD will begin the process to comply with the Europay MasterCard and Visa (EMV) compliance mandate which goes into effect nationwide on October 1, 2015.


How does EMV reduce fraud?

In the digital world, credit card payment transactions are getting smarter, and the new way to stay safe is dynamic authentication, which incorporates unique information in each transaction making it virtually impossible to replicate.  The EMV standard has already been adopted by more than 80 countries where it has significantly reduced counterfeit card fraud, saving hundreds of millions of dollars. Our goal is to help reduce fraud in the United States too.

Credit card payments will no longer be accepted over the phone or via fax; transactions must be completed by swipingcredit cards through the card reader at the ARC Center service desk or through the online registration system at we-goparks.org.

Our Customer Service Representatives will still be available via telephone to answer questions and to assist with the onlineregistration process. We ask that you do not write your credit card number on any form or slip of paper; staff will only process the transaction with the physical card. Again, these changes are being implemented with your safety in mind. If you have anyquestions, please ask us!  For more information regarding the EMV compliance mandate, please visit www.EMVco.com.


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