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If you have questions regarding our Room Rental options, please take a moment to review the most frequently asked questions below.

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Reserving My Rental


How can I check availability?

To check on availability, you can either call the ARC Center at 630.231.9474.  

Please note: All information given regarding availability is current. Availability is subject to change. 


What is required to reserve my rental?

Rentals must be reserved at least one week in advance and paid in full at the time of booking. Renter must be at least 21 years old and present for the length of the rental. All payments must be processed in person at the ARC Center, located at 201 W. National St. in West Chicago.  Fill out our rental request form and turn this form in at the ARC Center when reserving your party.   

I would like to also book the Treehouse. What are my options?

Any Treehouse rental booked along with a meeting room rental must be between the hours of 3:00-5:30pm as available.


Which room should I rent? 

Meeting Room 105 has a maximum seating capacity of 50 and Meeting Room 106 has a maximum seating capacity of 150.

Cancellations / Changes


Can I change the date/ cancel my party once it is reserved?

In the event of a one-time cancellation/change, 50% of the amount paid will be assessed for rentals cancelled more than 4 weeks before the scheduled rental date. The remaining 50% can be applied towards a future room rental within a 6 month period. Cancellations/changes must be processed at the same time. No cancellations or changes can be made less than 4 weeks in advance.

Facility & Room Set Up


What is the capacity of the Meeting Rooms and Treehouse?

Small Meeting Room 105 has a maximum capacity of 78 people and maximum seating of 50 people.

Large Meeting Room 106 has a maximum capacity of 229 people and maximum seating of 150 people.

The Treehouse has a maximum capacity of 75 people.


What does the set up look like for the Meeting Rooms?




What are my audio/visual options in each room?

Renters need to come prepared with their own equipment to hook up to the ARC Center’s built-in equipment for the rooms. 

Meeting Room 105 & 106 both have wall jacks currently support HDMI and VGA inputs.  Meeting Room 106 also has and a microphone outlet, screen, projector and a wall box, which support Apple devices version 4 and earlier.


Can I rent equipment?

There is a $20 fee for renting equipment for your meeting room. Equipment included are as followed: HDMI, VGA and microphone (large room only)


Are there high chairs available?

One high chair per party is available upon request. We ask that all requests are made no later than the Monday prior to your rental.


Where are the bathrooms in the ARC Center?

Bathrooms are located in the main hallway, just past the vending machines.


Where is the Treehouse / Kitchen located in regards to the Meeting Rooms?

The Treehouse and Kitchen are both in the main hall of the ARC Center across from the bathrooms.


What size are the tables?

All tables are (8 ft X 2.5 ft).

Room Attendant


What is the role of the party attendant during my party?

The role of your party attendant is to ensure your party runs smoothly (begins/ends on time) and your go-to contact the day of your rental. Renters are responsible for the set up/ clean up of their party. If your party has reserved time in the Treehouse/gym, the party attendant will be stationed in the Treehouse/gym to monitor the facility and equipment.


Day of My Rental


How early can I come to set up for my rental?

You can come 30 minutes early to set up for your rental. If more than 30 minutes is needed, that time will need to be added to your reservation for an additional fee at least 1 week in advance.


If there is no rental reserved after mine, can we stay in the room?

No, the room is reserved for your rental during your rented time. 30 minutes is given after your party for clean-up only if this does not exceed closing hours of the ARC Center. After the 30 minute window, the room must be completely cleared.

Can I drop off some of our decorations before our rental?

No. We are unable to store any decorations at the ARC Center before your rental.

Preferred Caterers / Food


Do you have Preferred Caterers?

Yes. Please see here for links to our preferred Caterer’s websites.

Hawthorne's Backyard Bar & Grill


What is a Preferred Caterer?

A Preferred Caterer is a business who has taken the proper steps to follow the Park District’s insurance, preparation and serving guidelines.


Can I bring my own food to my party? Or do I have to use a Preferred Caterer?

The West Chicago Park District strongly suggests using a Preferred Caterer. If serving your own food, all food must be ready-to-eat if your rental does not have access to the ARC Center Kitchen. If your party is After Hours and serving alcohol, you must purchase food though a Preferred Caterer. 




I would like to also book the Kitchen. What are my options?

The ARC Center Kitchen can be added onto your reservation for a flat fee of $35. The kitchen would then be available for the duration of your rental.


What appliances/equipment/ utensils are available if I rent the Kitchen?

Renters may use the Kitchen’s stove, oven, microwave, sink, fridge and freezer. All utensils and cooking equipment must be provided by the renter.


Is there ice available in the freezer?

The freezer does not have ice, but you are welcome to bring ice and store it in the freezer.


Decorations / Clean-up


Can I bring decorations?

Yes, however, pinning or taping up decorations in the facility is prohibited. All decorations must be cleaned up by the end of your rental.


Who is in charge of cleaning up?

Custodians will take out all trash cans. The Renter is responsible for all other clean-up. 30 minutes is given after your rental for clean-up time. If more than 30 minutes is needed, that time will need to be added to your reservation for an additional fee at least 1 week in advance.

I plan on bringing my own table cloths. How many tables are there and what size are they?

The standard set up for each room is as followed:

Meeting Room 105: 6 tables for seating & 2 additional along the wall. All tables are 8 ft X 2.5 ft.

Meeting Room 106: 19 tables for seating & 4 additional along the wall. All tables are 8 ft X 2.5 ft.

Can I bring a piñata?

Only pull string piñatas are allowed. Please keep in mind that pinning or taping up the piñata in the in the facility is prohibited.


Can I hire outside entertainers to perform at my rental?

Any outside entertainment has to be approved of by the Room Rental Manager at least 1 week in advance.

Do I need to provide my own garbage bags?

The ARC Center will provide all garbage cans / bags needed for your rental.

Treehouse / Gym Usage As Addition To Your Rental


Is the entire Treehouse room reserved for my rental?

All Treehouse rentals are private events.


What if the guests in my event forget to bring socks to wear in the Treehouse?

Socks are required to play in the Treehouse. Socks can be purchased at the front desk for $2.

Can I bring food/ drinks into the Treehouse/Gym?

Food / Drinks are not allowed in the Treehouse area.


Will someone be cleaning up the area after our use?

The Treehouse and or gym should be left the same way it was upon entering. If toys/equipment were used, these must be cleaned up prior to the end of your Treehouse rental time. 

What equipment is included in my gym rental?

Basketballs are included with the addition of a gym court to your rental. 

After Hours/ Alcohol


Why is there an added on fee if renting After Hours?

The additional $50 per room/ per hour if renting after ARC Center operational hours (Mon-Fri 5:30am-9:30pm & Sat-Sun 7:00am-7:00pm) is to cover the cost of additional utilities, cleaning and staffing beyond regular operational hours.


Can my rental have alcohol After Hours?

Yes. Alcohol is only allowed in the ARC Center if it is After Hours and also if it is provided though one of our Preferred Caterers.


Can I bring my own food for an After Hours rental?

If your party is After Hours and serving alcohol, you must purchase food though a Preferred Caterer.  If your event is NOT serving alcohol After Hours, you may bring your own food.


Who can serve the alcohol?

The Preferred Caterer must employ a legally trained staff to serve. No cash bars; renter pays the preferred caterer for alcohol according to the Preferred Caterer’s requirements.


Do I need special insurance if we have alcohol at our rental?

We do not require the renter to carry additional insurance however, the Preferred Caterer must carry General Liability, Errors and Omissions, Automobile Liability, Liquor Liability and Worker’s Compensation for the general acceptance limits of the Park District.


Does the Park District have a bar we can rent?

No. The Park District will supply a table. Formal bars can be obtained through a Preferred Caterer or rental company.


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