Frequently Asked Questions - Birthday Parties


If you have questions regarding our Birthday Party Packages, please take a moment to review the most frequently asked questions below.

Reserving My Party


How can I check availability?

To check on availability, you can either call the ARC Center at 630.231.9474.  

Please note: birthday parties fill up quick! All information given regarding availability is current.
Availability is subject to change. 


What is required to reserve my party?

Parties must be reserved at least one week in advance and paid in full at the time of booking.  All payments must be processed in person at the ARC Center, located at 201 W. National St. in West Chicago.  Fill out our party request form and turn this form in at the ARC Center when reserving your party.   


Can I change the date/ cancel my party once it is reserved?

The package is non-refundable. Your fee can be transferred to book an alternate party date as long as there is at least one week’s notice given from your original party date. This must be discussed with the birthday party coordinator.  In the event of a one-time cancelation/change, 50% of the amount paid will be assessed for parties cancelled more than 4 weeks before the scheduled date. The remaining 50% can be applied towards a future birthday rental within a 6 month period. Cancelations/changes must be processed at the same time. No cancelations or changes can be made less than 4 weeks in advance. For character party choices, an additional $75 cancelation fee applies. 


When is my final food order and headcount due?

Food orders and headcount is due no later than the Monday prior to your party date at noon.


I would like more than 2 hours for my party. What are my options?

The party time slots are set up in order to allow adequate clean up/set up time between parties. In order to reserve additional time, you must book two separate birthday party time slots. If booking two back-to-back parties, your party will remain in the party room during the gap in between the timeslots.


My party is booked. When should I expect a confirmation e-mail?

Once your party is reserved, the birthday party coordinator will contact you via email 2-3 weeks prior to your party to remind you of your deadline to make any changes.

Party Guests

Does the number of participants include children and adults?

The number of participants includes anyone over the age of 2 who is actively participating in the birthday party package. For example: a parent who is sitting in the Treehouse & observing their child is NOT considered a participant.


Can I add on more participants to my party package?

Yes, the fee for an additional participant is $5/person, This fee does not include additional food. Additional food items can be added on separately. Please see the party request form for details.


What if more or less participants (beyond my final headcount) end up attending my party?

Your assigned party attendant will take note of how many participants there are for your party. If there are more participants than your final headcount, your party attendant will make you aware of your final number of participants. The $5 fee for each additional participant will be due by the end of your party.  If less participants attend, you will receive a refund for any added on participants who did not attend. All refunds will be processed the week after your party.

What is the maximum number of participants I can have for my party?

Each package includes 12 participants. Our party room seats 24 children and 24 adults. If you are looking for more seating options, please take a look at ‘Facility and Room Set up’ below. A Room Rental as opposed to a birthday party is the best option for parties exceeding 24 adults and 24 children. Please see our room rental page for more information.

Facility Attendant

What is the role of the shared facility attendant during my party?

The facility attendant is responsible for multiple parties and rentals.  Responsible for monitoring schedules, room usage and after party clean up. 

Can I add on a private attendant for my party?

Yes. An additional $50 fee will provide you with a private party attendant that is responsible for the set up of the party room and decorations, food/beverage set up (premium package), and overall clean up for your party. If your party has  reserved time in the Treehouse/gym, the party attendant will be stationed in the Treehouse/gym to monitor the facility and equipment.  Your party attendant will also keep track of the time for your reserved room usage. 


Do I still have the party room reserved when it is our hour in the gym/Treehouse?

Yes. The party room is reserved for the full two hours of your party.


Is the entire Treehouse room reserved for my party?

All Treehouse themed parties are private parties. Treehouse parties only include the play structure features, not the toy area. 


When is my assigned hour in the Treehouse/gym ?

Party Timeslot: 11:15am-1:15pm (Treehouse/gym from 12:15-1:15pm)

Party Timeslot: 2:00-4:00pm (Treehouse/gym from 2:00-3:00pm)

Party Timeslot: 4:45-6:45pm (Treehouse/gym from 5:45-6:45pm)

Friday Timeslot: 4:30-6:30pm (Treehouse/gym from 5:30-6:30pm)


Can I switch the assigned play time slot for my party?

The designated time slots are guidelines the park district follows in order to streamline our reservation process for not only birthday parties, but rentals and programs as well.  Any request that conflicts with the designated times must be approved of by the Birthday Party Coordinator.


What if the guests in my party forget to bring socks to wear in the Treehouse?

Socks can be purchased at the front desk for $2.


Can I reserve additional Treehouse time?

Additional time is subject to availability. This option is unavailable during Saturday's first time slot due to Due to Drop & Go in the Treehouse. The additional Treehouse time is $65 per hour. This additional hour will be assigned only during your assigned time slot. For example: if your party is from 2:00-4:00pm, your assigned Treehouse time is from 2:00-3:00pm. If purchasing extra time, your additional hour would be from 3:00-4:00pm. 

Can my guests go to and from the Treehouse during our hour in the Treehouse?

Yes. If coming and going, we strongly encourage an adult to accompany any child, as the party attendant is stationed in the Treehouse during your party’s reserved time.


Day Of My Party

How early can I come to set up for my party?

You can come 15 minutes early to set up for your party. Please be aware that if coming early, staff may still be in the process of cleaning up from the previous party and/or setting up for your party. These 15 minutes are not private, as previous renters might still be in the process of packing up from their party.

How much time do I have to clean up after my party?

You should plan on beginning your clean up prior to the end of your party. A maximum of 15 minutes after your scheduled end time will be allotted for clearing the room.


If there is no party reserved after mine, can we stay in the party room?

No, the party room is reserved for your party during your allotted time. After your allotted time slot, the room is cleared in order to adequately clean up.

Can I drop off some of our decorations before our party?

We are unable to store any decorations at the ARC Center before your party.

Do you have a cart we can use to unload/load items to/from our car?

Yes. We do have a cart your party attendant will be able to get for you to use. 



What decorations are included?

Tablecloths for all tables, and a birthday party sign are included for all party packages.


Can I bring my own decorations?

Yes, however, pinning or taping up decorations in the facility is prohibited. If providing your own tablecloths, please mention it to your Party Coordinator when confirming details for the party.  

What color are the tablecloths?

The tablecloth colors are red, yellow, blue, and lime green. This variety of tablecloths make up the whole room- we do not have one of the above colors that will cover all tables. For example, if you would just like red tablecloths , the supply of red we have will not cover all tables in the room.


I plan on bringing my own table cloths. How many tables are there and what size are they?

The party room includes 6 children tables (5 ft X 3 ft) and 3 adult tables (8 ft X 2.5 ft). There is also one food table (8 ft X 2.5 ft) and one gift table (5 ft X 2.5 ft).

Can I bring a piñata?

Only pull string piñatas are allowed. Please keep in mind that pinning or taping up the piñata in the in the facility is prohibited.




I have children with food allergies - can they eat the food your premium package offers?

Our premium package typically orders from Pizza Now in West Chicago for the pizza & the Target bakery in St Charles for cupcakes. Feel free to reach out to these vendors to discuss allergies to see if the premium package will work for you. 

Can I bring my own food to my party?

Yes. The food must be ready-to-eat, as your party does not have access to any kitchen appliances.


Can I reserve the kitchen to store my party’s food?

Yes, there is a flat fee of $35 to reserve the kitchen. 


How big is each pizza and how many guests does it serve?

Each pizza is 14 inches. One pizza will feed approximately 2-3 adults or 3-5 children. All pizzas are cut into squares as opposed to slices.


What time will my pizza be delivered?

All pizza for premium packages will be delivered at the below time slots. This ensures that your pizza is delivered when your party is in the party room and not during your assigned play time.  
Party Timeslot 11:15am-1:15pm (delivered at 11:15am)
Party Timeslot 2:00-4:00pm (delivered at 3:00pm)
Party Timeslot 4:45-6:45pm (delivered at 4:45pm)

Party Timeslot 5:45-7:45pm (delivered at 6:45pm)


What tableware is provide & what color is the tableware?

Plates, napkins, and cups are provided only with the premium package. All tableware is white. No utensils are provided. You are welcome to bring any additional tableware or utensils your party may need.

Are the drinks cold?

All soft drinks will be served cold.  Water bottles may be at room temperature.  You are welcome to bring ice in a cooler.

Can I order more drinks/pizza/cupcakes the day of my party?

All food orders must be placed the Monday prior to your party. We are unable to add on any pizza or cupcakes the day of your party. Additional two liters can be purchased the day of your party for $3 each. This additional balance will be due prior to the end of your party.

Ar Can I bring in a crockpot and/or use sternos to keep our food warn?


Set Up


What is the capacity of the Party Room?

The party room has a capacity of 93 people however, please keep in mind that the room will only seat 24 children and 24 adults for birthday parties.


How many people does the party room seat?

The party room seats 24 adults and 24 children.


Can I move around, take out, or add any tables to the room for my party?

All birthday parties have the same room set up. No tables or chairs can be added, removed, or moved. Room rentals offer more flexibility with set-up options. Please see our room rental page for more information.


I have a charcter party, where will activities take place?

All character visits will take place in the party room. 

Are there high chairs available?

One high chair per party is available upon request. We ask that all requests are made no later than the Monday prior to your party.


Where are the bathrooms in the ARC Center?

Bathrooms are located in the main hallway, just past the vending machines.


Where is the Treehouse / gym located in regards to the party room?

The party room has a back entrance to the Treehouse. The gym is at the end of the main hallway of the ARC Center. 

Do I need to provide my own garbage bags?

The ARC Center will provide all garbage cans / bags needed for your rental. 


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