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The Before and After School Program strives to encourage children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade to laugh, learn, make friends, and be active everyday! We strive to provide peace of mind for parents, and an experience that kids won't forget.

D303 Before and After Care and D33 Before School Care: Participants may choose flexible scheduling.

D33 After School Care: Participants must register for Monday through Friday and will register for the entire school year. Per school district policy they will ride the bus from their home school to the ARC center everyday. D33 After School Care:

Information to know:

  • The Before & After School Program is available for all District 33 schools and ONLY Norton Creek Elementary School in District 303.

  • Registration is required by the 20th of the month prior to each desired month of care. For District 33 After Care, registration will take place for the entire school year.

  • All children registering for D33 childcare must let the school secretary know their bussing arrangements. Bussing may not go into effect until it is confirmed by the school and can take up to 1 week to confirm.

  • If your student does not qualify for District bus services please contact Pam Schiavoni to determine eligibility.

  • Registration is available year-round as space permits.

  • The program will follow the District school calendar. Fees are based on the current schedule and are subject to change.

  • Registration fees can be paid online or in-person at the ARC Center.

  • Scholarship rates are available for qualifying families. Click here for more information on scholarships.

  • D33 Programs are held at the ARC Center, 201 W. National St.

  • D303 programs are held at Norton Creek Elementary School.

Emergency contact/medical information must be completed through ePact, our secure emergency network. You will receive an email invitation after registering for the before/after care program

BSP/ASP Parent-Participant Handbook

Registration for Fall 2023 opens June 15th.


Days Off School Club offers special events and theme days including sports, arts and crafts, group games, and more to students in Kindergarten to 8th grade in all school districts! Days Off Club offers care from 9am-4pm, as well as Extended Care from 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm. All registrations are based on program space, staffing, and enrollment. Children will be responsible for bringing a sack lunch, drink, and afternoon snack daily. The program is held at ARC Center.

Upcoming Dates​​​​

  • Spring Break, March 27-31

  • April 4

  • April 7

Questions? Get in Touch!

Pam Schiavoni, Recreation Supervisor


Ph: 630.231.9474

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