Due to new COVID restrictions - All in-person programming is cancelled until further notice. 


Our program strives to encourage children in K to 5th grade to laugh, make friends, and be active every day.

With busy schedules in mind, hybrid school schedules, and E-Learning options, our program offers flexible scheduling for before and after school and full-day options for E-Learning providing peace of mind for parents and experience, kids won’t forget!


District 33

  • Before & After School Care for Extended E-Learning Cam begins on September 8th and will follow the School Districts 33's proposed school calendar.

    Registration for Before and After School Care will be announced as more information from District 33 is released.  

  • Registration fee can be pain online or in-person the ARC Center.  

  • A recreation supervisor will contact you to confirm needed care. 

  • Fees are based on times remaining the same and are subject to change.

  • Bussing information is to be determined based on regulations surrounding COVID19 

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District 303 - Norton Creek ONLY

  • After school schedule             School dissmisal-6:00pm

  • E-Learning begins September 8, 2020, ARC Center. Bussing is not provided.

  • Register online or in-person at the ARC Center. 

Emergency Pass:

The Emergency Pass is a great option if you’re ever in a bind. Emergency Passes are valid for the current school year, but usage is dependent on program capacity limits. The Emergency Pass is only available for children who attend Norton Creek Elementary School. All Emergency Pass users must request approval from the Recreation Supervisor, Mary Lester at mlester@we-goparks.org through email by 12:00pm the day of for After School and by 2:00pm the day prior for Before School.

Fee: $20 for 1 or $100 for 5

COVID-19 Procedures:

The health and safety of West Chicago Park District participants and staff is our top priority. We will be following a combination of guidelines from School Districts 303 & 33, Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), as they apply to schools and childcare, with these modifications: 

  • Face coverings required unless eating or outside with proper distancing.

  • Follow physical distancing guidelines of 6 feet, as appropriate.

  • Minimize shared supplies, toys, and equipment.

  • Frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing.

  • Park District staff will be self-administering Wellness Checks following protocols prior to every shift.

  • Regular and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of supplies, equipment, and physical spaces.

  • Zero-tolerance behavior policy see Parent Handbook.

  • One authorized pick-up person must be available ASAP if your child becomes ill during program time.

  • Parents, guardians, or other authorized individuals should pick up ill students within a reasonable

  • amount of time.

Registration Information:

  • Currently accepting registration online or in-person at the ARC Center.

       Step I:  register and pay the “Program Registration Fee” prior to registering for the program

  • $10.00 Before or After School Care. Code: 902100

  • $25.00 E-Learning Code: 906003

    Step II: Register for the program/s of your choice

  • For those registering after school has begun registration must be completed no later than the 15th of the month prior to the desired month of care.

    Step III: On August 10th Parents will receive an email with a link to our new “Camp Docs” electronic participant documents.  Documents MUST be complete at least two days prior to their start date.
    Participants will not be considered registered and will be unable to participate until forms are completed.

  • For those registering after school has begun, you will be emailed a link to our new “Camp Docs” electronic participant documents out within 2 business days of you registering for the program.  Documents must be completed 2 days prior to your childs/rens intended start date.  Participants will not be considered registered and will be unable to participate until forms are completed.

  • If your child/ren participated in WCPD Summer Camp 2020 (July-September 2020) their forms will already exist in “Camp Docs” and parents will just need to review and make any necessary changes and additions.

  • WCPD staff will go over the documents to make sure they are complete and contact parents if additional information is necessary

    Step IV: The Before and After School and E-Learning Parent & Participant Handbook will be available on-line on August 17th.  Parents will need to download, read, and return the signature page signed confirming that you received and read the handbook no later than two days prior to their childs/rens start date through Camp Docs.

Days Off School Camp


Information on Days Off School will be released as school calendars are released and approved.

General Information:

  • Before school available for all D33 Schools and ONLY Norton Creek Elementary School in D303.

  • With a flexible schedule, you pay for only the days you wish to attend

  • Registration available year-round as space permits

  • Register by the 15th of the month prior to each desired month of care.

  • Beginning 2020-21 school year all participant forms will be completed electronic through “Camp Docs” and can be shared between WCPD school-age programs.  IE-Summer Camp and Before and After School Care.

  • Scholarship rates available for qualifying families. Click here for more information on scholarships.

  • D33 Participants-NEW 2020-21 You can register for classes available during program hours within the ARC Center and our staff will drop and pick up your child from the programs.

  • Questions?

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E-Learning Camp

  • E-Learning Camp offers a safe and structured environment for your child to complete their virtual schooling.

  • Half-day, full-day, and extended day options available beginning September 8th transitioning to a hybrid model after December 2nd. 

  • Currently accepting registration online or in-person at the ARC Center.



  • Takes place at the ARC Center

  • Electronics are not provided, and headphones are required

  • Children will be utilizing the park districts “public Wi-Fi”. Parents are recommended to talk with their children prior to the program to instruct which sites their child should be accessing. Counselors will do their best to monitor usage.

  • Staff will facilitate a safe learning experience during the school day; however, they are not teachers and will not provide educational support or tutoring.

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