West Chicago Park District


Parks & Facilities

West Chicago Park District consists of 13 parks, totaling just under 400 acres. Visit one of our parks, walk one of our many trails or relax and bring your family to one of our neighborhood park playgrounds. What ever your outdoor interests, you are sure to find it here at the West Chicago Park District. Please note... All leash laws and regulations regarding cleaning up after your dog when it defecates observed by DuPage County and the City of West Chicago apply to our parks as well. Dogs are to be on a leash at all times while in a West Chicago Park District Park. The West Chicago Park District has an off-leash dog park if you would like information regarding Wiggly Field please click here. If you see a dog off it's leash, call the West Chicago Police Department, (630) 293-2222. All organized activities and clubs must register with the West Chicago Park District.

Name Location Acres
Administration Program Center 157 West Washington Street 4.5
Cornerstone Lakes Park* Near Corner of Smith & Powis Roads 59.86
Dyer Nature Sanctuary Within Reed-Keppler Park 25
Dyers Riverwoods Farm North Avenue and Ancient Oaks Drive 7
Easton Park East Washington Street 12
Fitness Station 103 West Washington Street N/A
Hampton Hills Park Prince Crossing Road 7
Hawthorne Park Hawthorn Lane 13
Kwasman Memorial Park Cherrywood Lane 4.5
Kress Creek Farms Joliet Street and Wilson Road 140.7
Meadow Woods Park* 2679 Meadowlark Drive 7
Pioneer Park* Forest, Lyman and Brown Streets 34.55
Prestonfield Park* 399 Hemlock 5.23
Prince Crossing Park 900 McCormick Lane 1.5
Reed-Keppler Park* National & Arbor Streets 118.01
Turtle Splash Water Park 129 West National Street N/A

* Pavilion rental available

Map of Parks


Important Message Regarding Ice Skating in the Parks:

Ice skating on a frozen pond might seem to be a way to enjoy cold weather, but the only safe place to ice skate is on a skating rink.

With temperatures forecasted to be well below freezing, some of our ponds will become completely ice covered. Skating on those ponds can be hazardous.

Eight inches of ice is a recommended thickness to support a person walking or skating.

However, ice that is eight inches thick in one spot may be less than eight inches thick just a few feet away. There are many factors that prevent the uniformity of ice thickness and strength. Among the factors that can weaken ice are: exposure of some areas to sunlight, ice formed over moving current or naturally occurring springs, salt run off from nearby street and snow covered ice. Snow can act as insulation, inhibiting ice formation.

The only guaranteed safe ice is in the controlled environment of a skating rink, we have listed some near by skate rinks below.

Fox Valley Ice Arena

Carol Stream Ice Rink
Center Ice of Dupage

Downers Grove Ice Arena

Seven Bridges Ice Arena

Park Rules

Certain rules are established by the Board of Commissioners so all may enjoy the parks safely. You are requested to comply with the following:

  1. Pets must be on a leash and not brought into posted areas. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet.
  2. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park.
  3. No driving or parking is allowed in any grassy park area.
  4. All parks open at sunrise and close at sunset.
  5. No weapons of any type may be carried by anyone in the parks except where posted or by the police. This includes sling shots, BB guns, pellet guns or guns in a case.
  6. A permit is required for regular use of softball, football and soccer fields. To obtain a permit, please visit the administration office.
  7. There is no swimming or ice skating allowed in/on any of our ponds.

The West Chicago Park District requests that any broken play equipment or benches be reported to the administration at 630-231-9474.