West Chicago Park District


Field Conditions

Wednesday, October 15th

ALL Fields at ALL parks are CLOSED


Please refrain from calling our office prior to 4 p.m. to find out if fields are open or closed. Often, a thunderstorm at 11a.m. does NOT result in a field closure. The Superintendent of Parks along with the Athletic Supervisor check fields daily and report conditions to our office by 4 p.m. Additionally, an open field at 4 p.m. can become a closed field at 5 p.m. due to severe weather. If at anytime after the 4 p.m. determination or during the course of a game/practice severe weather occurs the Umpire/Ref/Coach and Park District Staff located at the fields have the final say on field closures. Please note... Field status is subject to change without notice.


Safety is our number 1 consideration when fields are closed. The integrity of the field itself is a priority as well. We consider MANY different factors when evaluating our fields from weather to footing, etc. Our staff has extensive knowledge and training on field safety, set-up, repair and maintenance. The decision of our staff is final and not up for negotiation. We anticipate our coaches, referees, umpires and organizations who are using our fields to practice good judgement and abide by our field use policy. If you are in need of additional information you may contact our Superintendent of Parks, Jesse Felix at (630) 231-9474 or jfelix@we-goparks.org.

Guidelines for Field Closure:

• A footstep leaves an impression in the turf or if the grass is removed easily with a cleat, this is considered a wet field.

• Standing puddles of water on the field.

• Footing is unsure and slippery

• Ground is water logged and squishy

• Grass can be dislodged from the ground easily

• The use proves to be destructive or detrimental to quality of turf.

• Frozen field.

• Lightning.

• Periods of forecasted severe weather warning.


Official field closures by the Park District means no-one can practice. Please do not go out and find a "dry" spot even if it's not on an actual field. Sometimes we may close certain fields and at that time you are welcome to find the best place to practice but ALL fields closed means ALL practices and games should be cancelled.



Thor-Guard is an integrated lightning prediction and warning system. Thor-Guard uses a highly sophisticated sensor and computer to measure and analyze the electrostatic field in the atmosphere. Lightning originates within this field, thus allowing THOR GUARD to make calculations predicting its occurrence, even though there may be no visible evidence of lightning. When lightning is detected you will hear one loud warning horn at that time you should seek cover immediately. When it is clear to return to the open areas of the park Thor-Guard will sound 3 (three) consecutive warning horns.